Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Working away.

This is my work bay where I spend most of my days hard at it.

Where my insperation began....

Can't beat a good mood board.

Fabric samples.

These are my fabric samples for my final major project for menswear.  It's hand and machine embroidery based and fell that it's worked well from looking at my drawing sheets for insperation.

Drawing sheets Pt 2.

These are the other drawing sheets I have produced for my final major projects ideas.

Starting to embroider....

Well I've finally started to embroider on to my coat and I think making my own sequins has worked really well it gives the coat a really sense of drama and the pattern on the sequins really makes them stand out.  Need to start on the other side now......god help me!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

More menswear.

I'm currently working on this coat altering it has been a massive pain but im pleased with the results.  Just need to start my embroidery on the shoulders and back.....no sleep for me then .

My meanswear project

I'm currently working on some knitwear for my avant guard menswear and from my drawing sheets I've translated it to my embroidery on the knit wear.